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Struggle to find burial site for Boston bombing suspect is 'unprecedented' (+video)

The family of Tamerlan Tsarnaev continues to struggle to arrange for a burial, while the administrator of the One Fund Boston announces preliminary plans for distributing donations.

Boston bombing suspect: where to bury?
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No one who runs a cemetery, it seems, wants to accept the body of Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

On Tuesday, Mr. Tsarnaev’s family continued its struggle to arrange for a burial. He died April 19 in a gun battle with police.

It’s an unusual situation, underscoring that privately run cemeteries are under no obligation to take all comers.


"The whole situation is unprecedented," said David Walkinshaw, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Funeral Directors Association. The state of Massachusetts does not own its own cemeteries, he said, and the federal government has cemeteries only for veterans, thus excluding Tsarnaev.

More on that in a bit. In other recent news related to the marathon bombings:

Victims fund. On Tuesday, the administrator of a fund for victims of the April 15 bombings held a second and final public hearing on how the charitable funds will be dispersed.


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