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DOMA: 'Scalia was right' about ruling's impact, pro-gay rights lawyer says (+video)

Therese Stewart, a lawyer involved in the recent Supreme Court cases, says Justice Scalia was right in saying the DOMA ruling laid the groundwork to attack and overturn state bans on same-sex marriages.

DOMA ruling reaction in Missouri
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The US Supreme Court has laid the legal groundwork to directly attack and overturn state bans on same-sex marriages, a lawyer involved in the recent historic gay rights cases at the high court said Tuesday.

Therese Stewart, chief deputy in the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office, said that Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion last week striking down part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act provides a roadmap for gay rights groups and same-sex couples to pursue the next phase of litigation to achieve full marriage equality in the US.

Ms. Stewart cited an ironic source for her analysis – the dissenting opinion of conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.


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