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Christopher Dorner: Hollywood anti-hero casts self in real-life drama (+video)

Christopher Dorner remains a fugitive, a three-time murder suspect. But to some Christopher Dorner's manifesto raises real issues: He accused the L.A. police of racism and other abuses, and weighed in on his favorite movies and celebrities. Is that why actor Charlie Sheen reached out to Dorner?

Actor Charlie Sheen thanks, Christopher Doner and asks Dorner to call him. Police did not solicit Sheen's help.
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It sounds like the plot line to a movie: He's a former LA cop on a violent, rage-filled rampage who will stop at nothing for revenge.

Instead, police say, it is the latest real-life crime story to grip Southern California, a place where fiction frequently blurs with reality and pop culture often plays larger than the truth. Christopher Dorner's alleged killing spree hasn't just terrorized a section of the country — it has captured people's imagination and attention.

As of Monday, the triple-murder suspect had more than 70 Facebook fan pages, some of them with thousands of likes. Many people were going on those pages to call him an American hero, a man of true conviction who is fighting for his beliefs. Others praised him for attempting to fight injustice and racism "by any means necessary," quoting the expression popularized by Malcom X during the 1960s Black Power movement.

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Even Charlie Sheen asked the missing suspect to give him a call.


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