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Jacob Lew: Is 'safe' choice for Treasury also a good choice? (+video)

Jacob Lew is valued by Obama as a Beltway numbers guy able to endure high-stakes budget fights. But some critics worry he won't tackle fast-rising debt. And the Treasury job could demand big duties beyond fiscal strategizing.

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President Obama is nominating Jacob "Jack" Lew to be his next secretary of the Treasury, pushing to his administration's forefront a longtime veteran of Washington budget battles.

Mr. Lew knows the federal budget from top to bottom the way few do, even other Beltway insiders. That gives him high value to the Obama administration as it seeks to "win" epic contests, in the next few weeks and years, over the shape of big-ticket entitlement programs, other federal spending, and the US tax code.

He's widely viewed among Mr. Obama's fellow Democrats as a safe choice, a known quantity already on the administration's inside.


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