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'President Hillary Clinton?' In mock election, she wallops the competition. (+video)

Political professionals and grassroots supporters are organizing and raising money in case Hillary Clinton runs for the presidency in 2016. So far, she's leading potential opponents of both parties.

Supporters launch Hillary Clinton SuperPAC
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It may be the weekend for the “Final Four” in the NCAA basketball championship. But for political junkies out there, the “Sweet Sixteen” already has been whittled down to the two major party candidates in the 2016 presidential race: Hillary Rodham Clinton and Marco Rubio.

That is, if you believe the chart concocted by the Washington Post the other day pitting 32 possible candidates among Republicans and Democrats who (in their dreams, at least) have a shot at the White House.

More on that later. But former first lady, US senator, and Secretary of State Clinton seemed to be all over the news this week.

Among the headlines: “Be Afraid, GOP: Hillary Clinton Is Back and She Will Beat You in 2016” (The Daily Beast). “A viewer's guide to Hillary Clinton Fever” (Politico). “James Carville Joins Hillary Clinton Super PAC” (Huffington Post). “Hillary 2016 Supporters Are an Intrepid Bunch” (Slate).


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