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California poised to pass $10 minimum wage. Is now the right time? (+video)

California legislative leaders and Gov. Jerry Brown are set to raise the state's minimum wage to $10 an hour, which would be the highest in the country. Critics say it could harm a recovering economy.

Gov. Jerry Brown to support $10 minimum wage
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California is on track to raise its minimum wage to the highest in the nation.

A bill which passed the Assembly in May is expected to win approval in the state Senate by a Friday deadline. Gov. Jerry Brown says he will sign the measure, which would raise the minimum wage in California from $8.00 an hour to $10.00 an hour in two steps: to $9 by July 2014 and to $10 by January 2016.

But debate is still raging on whether the move will endanger California’s economic recovery, with some arguing that the recovery has created the best opportunity to provide low-income people with a more livable wage.


"The minimum wage has not kept pace with rising costs," Governor Brown said in a statement. "This legislation is overdue and will help families that are struggling in this harsh economy." The last hike in minimum wage was 50 cents to $8 in 2008.


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