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Fiscal talks pick up, but route to end government shutdown still murky (+video)

The House may vote to raise the debt limit as soon as this weekend, but that doesn’t guarantee reciprocal action in the Senate. Meanwhile, the government shutdown is putting a damper on already-weak economic growth.

Progress on debt ceiling and shutdown talks
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After days of congressional inaction on a pair of urgent fiscal deadlines, this week draws toward a close on a positive note: Washington politicians are talking more often, more substantively, and more respectfully than they had been.

The sobering follow-up: Despite progress, the fiscal quagmire may linger for a while.

That’s the case even though the House could vote as soon as this weekend on a bill addressing one of those fiscal deadlines: raising the government’s debt limit after the current borrowing cap is reached around Oct. 17.


As America has already seen in recent days, passage of a bill by the Republican-led House is no guarantee of reciprocal action in the Senate or a signature by President Obama.


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