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Donald Trump teases 'big' announcement: Is he trying to get in Obama's head?

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(Read caption) Donald Trump To Drop October Surprise Bombshell Via Twitter
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Are Republicans trying, once again, to get in President Obama’s head?

With the third and final presidential debate set to take place later Monday, self-promoter-extraordinaire and longtime Obama antagonist Donald Trump made an early morning appearance on “Fox and Friends,” claiming he had “something very, very big” to reveal concerning the president.

Naturally, Mr. Trump would not give any hints as to what this supposed bombshell might be. He only said that he would make an announcement about it sometime soon, “probably on Wednesday.”

But he promised it was big. Really big. Like, “bigger than anybody would know.” He predicted his Fox hosts “will cover it in a very big fashion.”

Of course, Trump has done this before: In the run-up to the Republican National Convention, he promised a “big surprise,” as well. In the end, the only surprise there was the appearance by actor Clint Eastwood – and we all know how that turned out. (It was later revealed that Trump had taped a video of himself “firing” the president, but when the convention was shortened by a day due to weather, the video tragically got cut.)

This time, the obvious speculation regarding Trump’s announcement is that it may have something to do with the “birther” controversy. Trump has, after all, taken on the mantle of most-prominent-conspiracy-theorist claiming Obama may not have been born in the United States. Last year, he famously made a big show of hiring a team of private investigators to look into the matter.

But even if all Trump is planning to reveal is that he’s inviting Obama to appear on “Celebrity Apprentice” – well, we suppose we've got to give him points on the psychological warfare front.


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