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Biden: "McCain campaign is on the ropes"

Jake Turcotte

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With just under four weeks to go before election day, an email sent early this morning from Joe Biden sounds very confident, perhaps too confident.

"The McCain campaign is on the ropes, and sadly it's no surprise they're responding with attacks and outright lies," Biden's email begins.

"John McCain and Governor Palin are setting a new low in presidential politics with their dishonorable campaign," the email reads.

On the ropes

The second part of the email is voiced in every campaign. So you can throw that away. The first sentence in the email is what's interesting. Yes, the Obama campaign has a significant lead with election day closing in. But to say their opponent's campaign is "on the ropes" signifies, in boxing terms anyway, that you're done. You're over. defines it as, "in a defenseless position, as leaning against the ropes to keep from falling." It also defines the phrase as meaning, "in a desperate or hopeless position."

Do you want to be saying your opponent is hopeless at this point?

No need to vote

Our friends over at Gawker are doing exactly what the Obama campaign doesn't want supporters to do.

A blog post published yesterday afternoon is titled, "Don't even bother voting."

It begins, "... Remember when this seemed like another tossup? All the 'insiders' say this one's Obama's. Smart Republicans are looking for good 2012 candidates."

The author of the post is immediately chastised, with one reader writing, "That headline is irresponsible." To be fair, The Vote blog gets this a lot too.

Somethin' awful


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