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Live blogging Blago's radio show on Chicago's WLS

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Another caller

8:28am -- Blago takes a call from Jerry. Jerry tells the governor there is a house of ill repute in his town.

Blago: "What is it, a room full of politicians?"

A producer earns his pay by playing a rimshot sound effect. Nice.

News and weather.

More Elvis

8:32 -- "This is not Elvis," he opens. "This is Rod Blagojevich."

He's got CNN host and comedian DL Hughley on now.

"I'm glad to say you've landed on your feet," Hughley said.


Blago's first Bible reference. The truth will set you free, he says.

DL Hughley says what happened to Blago is typical of what happens to politicians.

I liked you right away, Hughley said. It didn't work out the way we wanted it to. But you'll land on your feet.

No complaints

No complaints, says Blago. He makes his first God reference. God has a purpose for him, he says, and he is "His instrument." He is fighting for the little guy, he says.

Only in California would you vote for someone because you watched the Terminator, Hughley jokes of Governor Schwarzenegger. Blago laughs.


"I liked you right away," Hughley repeats to Blago. "Some of your approaches are the most innovative things I've ever seen."


DL Hughley likes Obama

8:38 -- Platitudes for Obama. This country needs to understand something, Hughley said.

But he goes on to say that on Obama's first day, he was probably sad he got the job, Hughley jokes. Blago laughs.

Finally an adult in office, Hughley said.

Blago's book

8:40 -- Blago tells Hughley that he's written a whole three pages on his book right now.

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