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Hey, let's go trick or treat at the White House!

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(Read caption) Trick or treat at the White House? You bet. 2,000 children have invites to go to the White House tonight.

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Well, it's not like you can just walk up to the White House and say "trick or treat."

That is, unless you have an invitation.

More than 2,000 children in the DC area have such an invite and will visit President Obama's home tonight for a little Halloween party.

Vegetables for Halloween?

Although some kids might think trick or treating at the White House is pretty cool, you have to remember that the First Lady is a real stickler for nutrition.

So does that mean the kids will have to walk back to the White House garden and pull up some beets or potatoes for Halloween treats?

Although some parents might prefer that, the children can breathe easy. Normal sugary treats await -- like the well-known White House M&Ms. And cookies from the White House pastry chef.

Sure, there's some stuff that plenty of the kids will throw out immediately upon exiting the White House -- like dried fruit mix with pears and apples. But, the M&Ms should thwart any of the children from teepeeing the president's house.

The Orange House

Festive? You bet.


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