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Falklands war 30 years on: Will a vote solve the dispute?

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Lisa Watson, Penguin News/AP

(Read caption) Falklands Islanders attend a ceremony to pay homage to Britain's soldiers who died during the 1982's war against Argentina at “Liberation Monument” in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, Thursday, June 14.

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Of all the potential solutions for the Falkland Islands conflict, the most creative must be the one allegedly floated by iconic Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges in 1982: Give them to Bolivia.

As the Falkland islanders celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the June 14 end to the war between Argentina and Great Britain, the dispute is far from settled. Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is expected to argue her country's claim of sovereignty over the South Atlantic islands, which they call the Malvinas, before the United Nations today, the latest move in the continuing diplomatic dust-up between the two countries.
It’s a long-standing problem that might need an innovative solution. Think about it: The Borges proposal of a Bolivian Falklands should gratify Argentines and Britons because it would mean one less nationalist cause that their politicians could use to distract them from more important matters. It would finally give the impoverished and land-locked Bolivia an answer to its historical call for access to the sea. And it would provide excellent material for followers of the Latin American surrealist literary tradition.


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