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Immigration reform: Will the US go any further?

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Charles Dharapak/AP/File

(Read caption) In this file photo, audience members listen to President Barack Obama speak about immigration reform at Chamizal National Memorial Park in El Paso, Texas.

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• A version of this post ran on the Foreign Policy Association blog. The views expressed are the author's own.

After years of writing on the FPA immigration blog on topics usually concerned with Latino immigration in the United States, I sincerely believe that there are no current policies or legal frameworks that can handle the issue of illegal immigration in the US. With no real spokesperson for the millions of illegal immigrants in the US, specifically one that is actually a part of that group themselves, the needs of that group of people and fairness in handling the issue will never clearly come forward. Speaking on behalf of a community is not the same as truly coming from it and representing those people, leaving the discussions to take place outside of that community and never come to a realistic solution. A re-think of policy development and a non-partisan legal approach is needed, and that will not occur in the current political system. Until then, stopping illegal immigration is like trying to apply car brakes on a boat, it will not stop and your only choice is to choose to drift in a new direction, trapped in the same current.


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