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How Mexicans are reacting to US Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona immigration law

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In the US, the Supreme Court's decision on Arizona's controversial immigration law, known as SB 1070, was either a wild success or colossal failure, depending on who is asked. The law's architect, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, hailed the decision for allowing the “heart” of the law to go into effect – requiring officers to check the immigration status of those they suspect are in the country illegally – while immigrant advocates say racial profiling has been given the OK by America's highest court.

There are many outlooks in-between, especially since the court struck down three-quarters of the law. (And even when it comes to what Gov. Brewer calls the "heart," asking for proof of citizenship, the ruling is not as simple as the media, or governor, have painted it, according to Mother Jones.)

But forget the nuances. In Mexico the feelings are unanimous:

“This is bad, very bad,” says Miguel Barajas, a gardener in Mexico City who spent 25 years working in a plastics factory in California. He just returned last year, after his father died, and is heading back in September. He has US residency, but he says his compatriots who do not are simply in the US to work, nothing more. “We support your country,” he says.


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