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Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng: What we know now

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In a US-backed deal with the Chinese government, Chen left the embassy Wednesday with US Ambassador Gary Locke to meet his wife and two children at a hospital, where he was treated for a foot injury he sustained during his daring escape from his heavily guarded home in Linyi, Shandong province

A senior US official said at the time that Beijing had acceded to Chen’s request to stay and live unmolested in China, and that Washington would “look to confirm at regular intervals that the commitments he has received are carried out.”

Police waiting at the hospital

Within hours, however, Chen found himself apparently without US protection in a hospital where activists said security officials from Shandong and plainclothes police had been waiting for him.

A close friend and well known human rights activist Zeng Jinyan told the Monitor that Chen wanted to leave China with his family, following threats by Chinese foreign ministry officials of physical violence against his wife and children.

“My biggest wish is to leave the country with my family and rest for a while,” Chen told Channel 4.

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