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What Afghans think of the war: 'Why are you Americans here?'

Ten years ago, the US invaded Afghanistan to eliminate a terrorist haven and set up a stable government. But today, many Afghans don’t know why the US invaded, have never heard of 9/11, and are increasingly suspicious.

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Stacks of folded carpets line every wall of Haji Mohammad Qul's rug shop on Chicken Street, Kabul's shopping destination for foreigners in search of Afghan souvenirs.

Though Mr. Qul sells predominately traditional Persian carpets, like most Chicken Street venders he offers a small selection of Sept. 11-themed rugs. These commemorative carpets are about the size of a doormat and feature crude, hand-woven images of planes striking the World Trade Center.

Despite selling several of these rugs each month, Qul says he doesn't really know where the image on them comes from or what Sept. 11 is.

"It's just an item in our shop that we sell to Americans and Europeans," he says with a shrug.

When pressed on what, if anything, he knows about the events of Sept. 11, 2001, he changes the subject to a drought in northwest Afghanistan. Asked again, his teenage son, who everyone says is the most educated person in the family, reminds him about Osama bin Laden.

Qul continues: "Yes, I think it's from bin Laden. We were refugees in Pakistan at that time, and I had to take care of my family.... I was too busy to pay attention to the political events in the news."


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