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Norway massacre likely to ramp up monitoring of right-wing groups

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Breivik has said the Dutch Freedom Party of Geert Wilders, the third-largest in the Netherlands and an informal member of the ruling coalition, is the only “true” conservative party in Europe. Yet Mr. Wilders's party today issued a statement that it “abhors all that Breivik represents and has done.”

Amid allegations that Breivik in 2002 visited members of the English Defense League, the British nationalist group issued a statement decrying any Breivik ties to the EDL: "It would seem shameful that journalists have been all too quick to link the English Defense League to this murderous creature.… It couldn’t be made any clearer that Breivik did not like the way the EDL was a peaceful organization, open to all, making our point through legal and democratic means.…”

Breivik, the son of a diplomat, has been characterized in some media as a mad lone wolf. But observers of anti-Islam right movements here point out that the content of Breivik’s writings, tracts, and manifestos, which have appeared regularly and voluminously in far-right venues, are not unusual or particularly extreme for this milieu.

Norwegian terrorism expert Lars Gule told reporters in Norway today that Breivik’s ideas are “common ideas on the extreme right … we are talking about thousands who share his ideas, but fortunately … no one has shared his actions….”

Indeed, the current far right sprint away from Breivik does not extend to his basic views on minorities, immigrants, and Muslims in Europe, often categorized under the label “Eurabia.” Some groups have sought to shift focus from Breivik’s acts to Islam itself, arguing that Breivik's chief sin was to use the tactics of violent jihad that is espoused by extremist Islamic groups.

"His total lack of respect for human life is not … something he picked up from me,” says Fjordman the blogger. “Indeed, the lack of respect for human life is often one of the great shortcomings of Islamic culture that we have consistently pointed out."

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