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Hollande's plane struck by lightning en route to Germany to meet Merkel (+video)

A quick trip to Germany is not unusual for a new French president. But François Hollande will bring a radically changed agenda when he meets Chancellor Merkel today.

Holland and Merkel set to meet Tuesday
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PARIS (Associated Press) – French officials say that new President François Hollande's plane was hit by lightning en route to Berlin. They say no one was hurt but that the plane returned to Paris as a precaution.

French Defense Ministry spokesman Gerard Gachet said the Falcon 7X aircraft was struck by lightning shortly after take-off today, and returned to the Villacoublay air base for inspection.

Defense officials say the president and his entourage were transferred to another aircraft, a Falcon 900, and took off shortly thereafter.

Hollande took office earlier today. He is due to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss Europe's financial crisis.


It is not unusual for the French president's first foreign trip to take him to Berlin. When the conservative Nicolas Sarkozy was elected in 2007, he wasted no time, traveling to Germany to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel on the day of his inauguration. His successor, the socialist François Hollande, will do the same today, but the context of the meeting could hardly be more different.

Five years ago, Mr. Sarkozy called the German-Franco friendship “holy,” but this time Paris has sent frosty messages ahead of the new president.


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