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Webmedev? Russian president's new blog gets earful from the masses

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MOSCOWRussia is going to the blogs.

Or so it may seem after the country's first Internet-savvy Kremlin leader, President Dmitry Medvedev, set up his own wide-open LiveJournal blog (click here to visit) aiming, according to his press secretary, to bypass bureaucratic barriers and engage his voters in direct and uncensored conversation.

Three days after the site was established, featuring video statements taken from Mr. Medvedev's Kremlin website, the president has yet to weigh in personally on any of the thousands of sometimes politically-charged comments posted by Russian visitors sheltering behind anonymous nicknames as various as "homo sapiens," "glukhoi" (deaf), and "uncle Sam."

Among the missives sent Medvedev's way that have so far gone unanswered was an early complaint by "Voros1," who asked: "What's the point of writing anything here, he won't read it anyway."

Another blogger, going by the impolite moniker "govnyashki," which is probably better left untranslated, also doubted that the president would be tuning in at all. "Tell Dmitry [Medvedev] that his blog is dull, tedious, and awful," he advised the Kremlin press handlers.

Others, however, appear to take it quite seriously.

"Wow, I've left a comment on the LiveJournal of our president. I am cool," wrote "skaiper" on Friday. "As for you Dmitry Anatolyevich, I wish that you could revive Mother Russia. I believe in you."


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