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Britain convicts three for ‘ingenious’ airline bomb plot

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Remember in 2006 when you suddenly couldn’t take liquids aboard airplanes? The terrorists who brought you that inconvenience were convicted in England yesterday.

Prosecutors there convicted three British-born Muslims of plotting to blow up several cross-Atlantic airliners using liquid bombs and kill as many as 10,000 people. The antiterrorist investigation, the largest in England’s history, exposed that the would-be bombers traveled frequently to Pakistan to learn bomb-making techniques, and that the plot was stage-directed by masterminds in Pakistan.

One of those masterminds is thought to have been Rashid Rauf, a militant with links to the central command of Al-Qaeda. He escaped from a Pakistani jail last year, and was later killed by a Predator drone attack in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

England’s Independent newspaper reported that the airliner plot was conceived on Pakistani soil:

One senior counter-terrorism source said: "In terms of al Qaida involvement, there is a large part of this plot that has been thought through or invented in Pakistan.

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