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One Came Home


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Georgie's memories of Agatha are beautifully, seamlessly woven into the telling of this story. She dreams of a night years ago when she "crept through the house and finally found her in the vegetable garden out back, the wind twisting her nightgown around her ankles….The two of us, in white nightgowns, stood hand in hand between rows of carrots and lettuce. I felt the garden dirt between my toes, and liked the way her hand fit around mine." But just like that night, Agatha has now slipped away as if she weren't even trying to hold on.

Telling the story of the largest pigeon nesting ever recorded was inspired by a nonfiction history of passenger pigeons. A list of sources for the adult reader, including that history, and an interesting author's note are included.

"One Came Home" is a rare gem of a novel. It's an adventure about a most unusual topic, set in a place and time not often written about for readers of any age. The writing is both luminous and laugh-out-loud funny, the author well-informed and passionate. As Georgie remarks about her four-legged traveling companion, this book possesses "a cornucopia of admirable characteristics."

Well done, Amy Timberlake. You've created a character and a great adventure we won't soon forget.

Augusta Scattergood regularly reviews children's books for the Monitor.


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