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Paramount Pictures sues to stop publication of 'Godfather' prequel

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(Read caption) Paramount Pictures claims in its lawsuit that it did not approve a second 'Godfather' sequel titled 'The Godfather's Revenge' by Mark Winegardner.

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Paramount Pictures has sued to keep a “Godfather” prequel from being published, despite the fact that the book has been approved by author Mario Puzo’s estate.

Writer Ed Falco, uncle of actress Edie Falco who starred in the HBO Mob drama “The Sopranos,” based his book “The Family Corleone” on a screenplay by Puzo. The book is said to follow Vito Corleone as he struggles to become a powerful Don.

Paramount officially filed its lawsuit against the executor of the Puzo estate, Mario Puzo’s son Anthony. The studio said it holds the copyright to “The Godfather” and that while it gave the go-ahead to the 2004 book “The Godfather Returns” by Mark Winegardner, it did not authorize another book by Winegardner published in 2006 titled “The Godfather’s Revenge.”


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