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Minivans a good family-car buy?

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Typically, if you’re looking at a late model used (covering model years from roughly 2004 to 2008), the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna are on top of the pile with regards to reliability, so I would steer you in their direction.

We looked at several Odysseys and Siennas before settling on a great deal on a Honda Pilot (a SUV).

Q5: Credit report questions
I just got a copy of me and my husband’s (of 2 years now) annual free credit reports and have a couple questions for you. I had excellent 25 years of credit and was able to buy a house a little above my means a year before we were married (2007). Despite the slight loss in value, we are managing the payment just fine. Now, with all the credit regulation changes, my credit card limits have all been reduced and my debt/credit ratio is 93% because of my mortgage. My husband’s credit was not that great because he had some late payments on some bills. When we got married, in 2008, we paid off his bills and canceled most of his credit accounts and are using mine as one joint account and several authorized user accounts. We pay them off every month except the mortgage. Now, with our one joint account, his debt/credit ratio is 7%.

My question is, in about 5 years, we want to sell this house and buy farm type property to retire. I don’t think we will have much of a problem but want to ensure we have good enough credit to get a good deal. To improve my husband’s debt/credit ratio further, should we make all our accounts joint rather than authorized user?

How can I reduce my debt/credit ratio other than continuing to pay down the mortgage that is all in my name? Does it really matter, based on our goals to eventually sell the house and purchase something else of equitable value? Between this house and another rental house, I have about $300,000 equity.

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