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Mama Grizzly mating habits: The WikiLeaks cable you won't see

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After President Obama’s “shellacking” in the midterm elections, his immediate attitude was “you can take this job and shove it.” It looked as though “POTUS,” as the Secret Service calls the president, was outsourcing the job. He sent Vice President Joe Biden to deal with Congress. He delegated Secretary Clinton to arm-twist the Israelis and Palestinians. (Both Mr. Biden and Clinton ran against Mr. Obama in the 2008 campaign and both probably think they could do the president’s job better.) Then, during a pre-Christmas press conference, he left for a party, giving the White House press podium to Bill Clinton (presumably “PAST-POTUS”), who clearly thinks he could do the job better than Obama, Biden, and Hillary.

But POTUS is now back on his game. In the waning hours of the outgoing Congress, he pushed through a string of legislative victories that show he’s good for at least another two, and maybe six, years in the White House. Clearly, Bill Clinton isn’t the only Comeback Kid.

Why the turnaround? Perhaps he got a stern talking-to from Michelle Obama (“FLOTUS”), whose popularity rating is higher than the president’s and who might on a bad day ponder whether she could do the job better.

Actually, most US senators of either political party think they could do a better job as president. Some Americans think George Clooney, or Angelina Jolie could handle it. Even CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer would be fine, seeing as Walter Cronkite was once touted for the presidency. Although “President Blitzer” might fly, it’s difficult to imagine a US president named “Wolf.”

Mama Grizzly misunderstanding

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