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British election: political animal Brown vs. technocrats Clegg, Cameron

To his credit, Gordon Brown cut his teeth through left-wing activism. Nick Clegg and David Cameron were groomed as professional political managers, insulated from the people.

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Britain is gearing up for what promises to be a super-important, transformative, and possibly even historic general election on May 6.

I know – it doesn’t look like that on the surface. There are no inspiring political leaders in the campaign, only the increasingly ashen-faced Gordon Brown, prime minister and leader of the Labour Party, squabbling with the fresh-faced but ideas-lite leaders of the Conservative Party (David Cameron) and the Liberal Democrats (Nick Clegg).

Also, as evidenced in last night’s televised debate, there hasn’t been any real, substantial debate on important issues such as the sluggish economy, liberty, and the disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There has only been technical, bank manager-style disagreements over whether public services should be cut by X amount or Y amount, and whether “Our Boys” should come back from Afghanistan in six months or two years. So far, it all smells and sounds more like office politics than real politics.


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