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Readers Write: Freedom of – or freedom from – religion?

Letters to the Editor for the weekly print issue of April 9, 2012:

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Freedom , or freedom religion?

Regarding Rodney K. Smith's March 12 commentary, "When government clips the wings of religious freedom": Citizens have the right to freedom of, as well as freedom from, religion.

If the Roman Catholic Church chooses to provide medical services to the public, it has a moral duty to practice medicine according to the established ethics of the profession – which include contraception.

lue Hill, Maine

I agree with Mr. Smith that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act should be restored in some manner to our Constitution. But he is wrong to equate the Obama administration's requirement that religious employers provide complete health care for their employees with a violation of the em-ployers' religious freedom.

Employers' denying birth control coverage in the name of religious doctrine to employees who don't subscribe to the same religious beliefs – especially when the religious group is engaged in secular activity – is a form of religious dictatorship.


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