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Florida-style 'Stand Your Ground' gun laws sub impulse for intelligent thinking

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As a society we are increasingly dressing up murder in the gown of “justifiable homicide.” The Washington Post reports that in the five years before Florida’s law was enacted, Florida prosecutors identified an average of 12 “justifiable” killings each year by private citizens. In the five years after the law was passed, that number tripled.

Stand Your Ground laws are perilous. They get people killed, because they substitute impulse for intelligent thought.

It’s also been my overwhelming experience that those who put their faith in guns will ultimately be outgunned.

In December 2001, my CNN camera crew and I were high up in the White Mountains of Afghanistan following a cold trail left by Osama bin Laden in the caves of Tora Bora.

A Taliban gang offered to show us some vacant Al Qaeda caves if we paid them several hundred dollars. When I refused, they pronounced us “prisoners.”

Our private security guard had only one Kalashnikov AK-47. The Taliban were aiming 20 Kalashnikovs at us.

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