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HTC One will replace One X as flagship HTC device: report

HTC is poised to release a new phone called the One in the US on March 22, according to one tech site. 


A visitor walks past an HTC sign in Barcelona in this 2011 file photo.


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HTC is prepping a new flagship phone called the HTC One. 

That's the word today from tech site HTC Source, which reports that the device will launch on March 8 in Europe – under the Nokia-ish moniker M7 – and in the US on March 22. Stateside, the HTC One will be sold by Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint; $200 and a two-year contract will get you the 32GB model and $300 and the same contract will buy you 64GB. 

"Our source has also confirmed that the HTC One will have metal casing with front-facing stereo speakers," writes Nick Gray of HTC Source. "The device will be available in both black and silver/white. Previous images of the HTC One with a black soft-touch casing were real, but our source claims they were pre-production units which were used during various phases of testing."


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