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New plans and iPhone help T-Mobile snag 1.1 million new customers

The question now is how long T-Mobile's gains, which includes the strongest consumer growth in four years, will last. 


T-Mobile Chief Executive John Legere at an event in July.


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Earlier this year, T-Mobile USA announced it would do away entirely with contracts and instead allow consumers to purchase an unsubsidized phone and pay for unlimited service on a month-by-month basis. Some onlookers expressed skepticism that it was really such a great deal for consumers – even if the "un-carrier" plan also arrived in lockstep with the long-awaited introduction of the T-Mobile iPhone 5

But today T-Mobile affirmed that the whole thing is working very well, thank you very much.


How well? Let's go to the numbers: According to T-Mobile, in the second quarter of 2013, the company added 1.1 million new customers, including 685,000 contract subscribers – apparently the strongest growth that T-Mobile has enjoyed in four years. Unsurprisingly, revenue is also up, by 27.5 percent year-over-year. 


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