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SOPA blackout: How to get around the Wikipedia protest

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2) Turn off Javascript

Every major Web browser offers some way to turn off Javascript, a coding language used to make websites more interactive. For its protest, Wikipedia uses Javascript to show you your desired page for just a moment before the blackout takes over. If you turn off Javascript, then the black screen will not appear.

Remember to turn Javascript back on when you're done. If you forget, other websites may act a little strangely.

3) Download all of Wikipedia

This is easier said than done. The online encyclopedia offers a way to download every Wikipedia page, picture, link, and even every user edit. However, this process takes a really long time. "Because of the size of some files (TERAbytes), downloads can take days, or even weeks, NOT including queueing time for your request," says Wikipedia. It estimates that downloading every English article will take 8 to 9 days.

Have a week to spare? The process starts at Wikimedia's Downloads page.

4) Turn to Google cache

Sure, Google links to websites, but it also takes a snapshot of many sites for later reference. This process is called caching. Former Adobe designer Philip Bump programmed a way to tap into that cache and retrieve individual Wikipedia pages. These saved articles can be several days old, but that won't be a problem for most pages. The entry on, say, Nicolas Steno won't change much over the course of a week.

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