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Twitter co-founder Biz Stone unveils Jelly, a visual Q and A

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(Read caption) Hey Jelly, what is this thing?

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Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, is betting that the future of search is visual.

On Wednesday, Mr. Stone took the wraps off Jelly, a platform that bears a passing resemblance to Quora – users ask questions, and members of their extended network answer them. But in the case of Jelly, questions can be posed and answered with photographs. (The name of the company, incidentally, refers not to the spreadable condiment, but to the protean sea creature, which is also Jelly's logo.) 

An example: You're on vacation in Boston. You pass a large granite obelisk. You're not sure what the object is. So you use your smart phone to snap and upload a photo to the Jelly app. Soon, a friend responds: That's the Bunker Hill monument you're looking at. 


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