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'Cyborg' allegedly attacked over camera implants

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According to Mann, after he and his family had received their food and taken a seat by the entrance, another McDonald's employee, whom Mann refers to as Perpetrator 1, approached and angrily tried to pull the EyeTap, which is permanently attached and cannot be removed without tools, off of his head.

"Perp. 1 reached his left hand out and pressed against the frame of my eyeglass, and swung his left hand around a few times pushing and pulling at it," he told us.

Mann then tried to calm Perpetrator 1 and showed him his doctor's note, which the employee showed to two coworkers, whom Mann nicknames Perpetrators 2 and 3. After Perpetrator 2 crumpled up his doctor's note and Perpetrator 1 tore up some other documentation he provided, Perpetrator 1 then allegedly pushed him out the door and onto the street, damaging his gear.

"My Glass started acting a little erratic but I could still see to some degree, but with crosshatches and kind of a freeze-frame like motion as the Eye Glass stopped and started intermittently," Mann said. The alleged assault apparently loosened a ribbon cable within the device and, causing the eye piece to malfunction and flood Mann's eye with laser light.  

However, the device was still functioning until Mann had an embarrassing bodily reaction to hitting the street, which caused his circuits to short out.

Mann said that, after picking himself up and dusting himself off, he sought out Police in the Champs-Elysees area, but none of the many cops he approached was interested in taking a report or investigating. 

"Some of the parts of me started shutting down at different times afterwards," Mann told us in an exclusive email interview. "I'm still online now but a lot is not working."

"After first trying with the Police (no luck) and then the Consulate/Embassies (no luck), and then the legal experts and human rights commissioners (no luck), some of whom suggested 'the court of public opinion,' I finally brought this matter to the public's attention, but only after exhausting all other possibilities," he said.

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