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Mary Leakey: Matriarch to three generations of archaeology royalty

Beginning with Louis and Mary Leakey, the Leakey family has made a name for itself in archaeology and anthropology.


Mary Leakey 100th birthday: Celebrated with a Google Doodle today, the famed paleontologist did not slow down her work to parent. She brought her three sons to the dig site as babies.

Courtesy of The Leakey Foundation

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She was a talented artist, specializing in early Stone Age, able to flawlessly draw early tools and artifacts. He had a passion for fossils since he found arrowheads and tools as a child. Together, Mary and Louis Leakey would change the scientific world and leave a lasting family legacy.

It was 1936 when they married, unknowingly creating the family that would go on to dominate paleoanthropology. They had three sons, one of which inherited the family business. Since then, at least one member of each generation of Leakey children has been involved in major paleoanthropological finds.


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