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Remarkably blurry video captures live 'woolly mammoth'

A spectacularly low-quality video from Siberia appears to capture a woolly mammoth, an animal that has been extinct in mainland Russia for about 10,000 years. Either that or it's a bear with a fish in its mouth. 

A remarkably blurry video purports to show a live woolly mammoth crossing a stream in Siberia.

Youtube screenshot

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According to a story in The Sun newspaper, a new video has surfaced that seems to show a live woolly mammoth — an animal the scientists say has been extinct for about four millennia. The "jaw-dropping" footage, which shows a dark, blurry creature crossing a river, was allegedly "caught by a government-employed engineer last summer in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region of Siberia."

The video has stirred up plenty of interest on the Web. Most viewers have settled on one of two explanations for the mysterious video — though neither includes a woolly mammoth.

Many believe the video is an outright hoax — a computer-generated elephant or mammoth digitally inserted into the scene. Those who smell a hoax point to several suspicious aspects of the video, including the fact that the man who posted the piece, a paranormal enthusiast named Michael Cohen, has been involved with several other videos of UFOs and other phenomena that are of questionable authenticity.

The brevity of the video also casts suspicion on its validity. The video is less than 10 seconds long, and ends well before the animal reaches the near shore. It's hard to imagine that a nearby person wouldn't notice a woolly mammoth until it started walking across the river, and it's even more unbelievable that the anonymous cameraman would inexplicably stop filming after 10 seconds. [If You Spot Bigfoot, Should You Shoot Him?]

The second theory is that the video is real, but that the creature is just a bear with a large fish in its mouth. That would explain its relatively small size for a mammoth, the shape of the "trunk" on its head, and the color. According to this explanation the cameraman was simply fooled by the strange shape.


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