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Google offers public a chance to test Project Glass (for a price)

Want to test out Project Glass, Google's new augmented-reality headset? You'll have to be lucky. You'll also to have $1,500. Plus tax. 

Google Glass
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At some point in the next year or so – smart money is on 2014 – Google will officially launch a pair of "smart" eyeglasses. 

The device, which is currently being tested under the name Project Glass, employs embedded computers to create an augmented reality environment for the user. For instance, your Google glasses would allow you to turn your eyes toward a nearby store, and scroll through a listing of reviews on your heads-up display; alternatively, you might scroll through your emails without once reaching down to dig your smartphone out of your pocket. 

Until recently, Google was confining its tests of Project Glass to a select group of developers and employees, including Sergey Brin, who took his glasses on a ride through the New York City subway. But now the Mountain View company is opening up the field to the rest of us ordinary Joes. 


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