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Kanye West challenge on 'America's Best Dance Crew' inspires the competitors

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Phunk Phenomenon had to incorporate the Dougie, the Boogaloo…and…Isos. Wait? Isn’t that the same set of moves Iconic Boyz had to use? That’s kind of lame, ABDC. Give them unique challenges again. I get that the three crews are different and will use the challenge moves in different ways, but still. Initially, I yawned. I yawned yet again after the performance. It was not a strong enough display for me to believe they are the best. Was it bad? No. Was it indicative of the best dance crew in America? Again: no. Lil Mama said they’re the underdogs of this season. Did she see the Underdog movie with Jason Lee? It’s not cool to be an underdog anymore.

Once IaMmE got ready to go I was excited that the dance challenges were the same for each crew. The body movements necessary to perform Isos and the Boogaloo could be done by this crew in their sleep. As usual, they dominated. The whole dance was fantastic but I literally lost my mind when the girls got on top of the guys shoulders and started doing the Dougie. That was insane! The crowd started chanting their name, JC’s mind was blown, D-Trix was speechless (thank god) and Lil Mama had glowing praise. How could this crew not advance and then take the finals next week?

At least half of that has been proven correct so far because IaMmE did in fact win the battle and move on to face Iconic Boyz in the finale. The rest of my prophecy is pending. Big props though to Phunk Phenomenon. They were a great crew dancing for great causes and they should be very proud of how far they got.

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