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Neil Gaiman writes a 'Doctor Who' episode that will bring back a creepy villain

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Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

(Read caption) 'Doctor Who' actor Matt Smith is currently starring on the show as the time-traveling character.

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Behind the Daleks, the Cybermen are easily Doctor Who‘s most iconic villains. For over fifty years – ever since their first appearance in the classic Who serial “The Tenth Planet” – the Cybermen have threatened death and assimilation to the Doctor and his many companions. Recently, the metal monsters have gotten short end of the stick, appearing rarely and often only to serve as punching bags for whatever larger threat the episode writer wants to puff up in the process.

Next year, we may see a reversal of this pattern. It looks, as previously reported, that noted genre author Neil Gaiman has scribed an upcoming episode of Doctor Who that will (hopefully) restore the Cybermen to their classic, creepy glory.


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