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Baby name: Logan Jackson Dixon can thank the Starbucks crowd for his name

Baby name dilemma? An expecting Connecticut couple deadlocked over two names for their baby boy, due in September, put it to their local Starbucks crowd to decide. They got 2,000 votes, and Logan, it is.


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Millions of Americans can’t start their day without their cup of Starbucks, but young expecting parents Jennifer James and Mark Dixon have taken their love of Starbucks to a new level: Naming their baby.

James and Dixon are happily expecting a baby boy in September, but they had a dilemma about what to name him. And Starbucks came to the rescue.  

“We had two names, but we were really stuck on them and we didn’t want to make any compromises,” says Mr. Dixon. The couple and their extended family were deadlocked over the names.


When the couple was at their New Haven, Conn. Starbucks recently and noticed employees voting on their employee of the month award, an idea popped into Dixon’s head: crowdsourcing through Starbucks.

“It was mostly [Jennifer’s] idea to put it out there like this,” Dixon admits, but they both agreed it would be a fun way to determine the name.
 They came up with a display consisting of a cup filled with slips of paper beside another cup decked out with baby blue footprints and handprints. Next to the cups, a small frame with the request, “Please help us choose our son’s first name, Logan or Jackson?” 


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