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‘Brave’: new Disney Princess Merida gets girly Mattel makeover

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Publicity photo released to Reuters

(Read caption) Mattel doll versions of Merida have portrayed her as much more feminine and conventionally pretty than she is in the movie.

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In May, Mattel released a Katniss Everdeen doll, inspired by the look and style of Jennifer Lawrence in "The Hunger Games."

Compared with Mattel’s typical fare, the Katniss doll was refreshingly unsexualized – reflecting the character’s positive portrayal in the film. The Katniss doll is flat-footed (no Barbie-style feet molded for high heels), and she is dressed for battle (not in a gown or dress).

Compared with the typical Barbie doll, Mattel’s Katniss wears very little makeup. Only her eyes seem made up, but the colors are neutral, suggesting this is actually meant as contouring to make the doll’s eyes appear more three-dimensional.

In the beginning of June, Mattel released another doll based on a strong female character: Merida from Disney/Pixar’s "Brave." (The film was released June 22.) Merida is an atypical princess: Like Katniss, she is strong-willed, independent, and a skilled archer.


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