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Pink stops concert to be a mom: Comforts crying child, scolds unruly crowd [+video]

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(Read caption) Pink saw a young girl crying in the crowd at a show and stopped the set to help her out.
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Rebel Rocker, iconic bad girl, Pink, is usually a show-stopper, but this week she took it literally when she spotted a little girl crying in the audience and shut-down her set to give comfort and, in a watershed moment, parented the crowd. That moment can serve to remind us that taking kids with us to events can be stressful, yet also have surprising benefits for everyone.

Last week I wrote about Jada Pinkett-Smith being a tiger-mom on Facebook and parenting the media over what she termed “cyber bullying” attacks on young stars. Today we have another mom rocker, Alecia Beth “Pink” Moore who took her Philadelphia concert audience to task for fighting in the presence of a child. It’s starting to feel like if you want to be a mom who rocks you need to get “pink” into your name somewhere.


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