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Bindi Irwin: Parent stalks rare species of dating teenager (+video)

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(Read caption) Steve Irwin's little girl is all grown up! The poised teen opens up about losing her father and how she's continuing his life's work.
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It’s sad to realize the late Steve Irwin is missing the most pulse-pounding, risky, animal encounter of parenting as his daughter Bindi Irwin explores dating.

"The 15-year-old daughter of late 'Crocodile Hunter' star Steve Irwin is rumored to be dating Bailey 'Bazz' Lancaster, her 'best friend' with whom she recently shared two adorable Instagram snaps," according to E! 

No Kimodo dragon with a toothache or angry rhino has the power to infuse the parental bloodstream with as much adrenalin as the moment a parent first learns of their child’s first dating experience.

I jumped on this story like a lioness on a lame gazelle because just last night my son Avery, 15, casually sauntered up to me in the kitchen and asked, “So if we don’t have any plans tomorrow night can I bring my girlfriend over to meet the family?”

Crikey! I was chopping onions when he asked and I am happy to be typing with all 10 digits today.

The key to being the mom of boys at such a critical moment is to behave as if the boy who has chosen to share actual, pertinent, information about his life is a rare, easily startled bird, and to tread softly.

“Nothing on the calendar,” I said, careful not to make eye contact. “That would be fine.”

Here was the tricky maneuver, trying to tag the boy for more details.

“Soooo, how’d you meet her,” I asked instead of yipping and jabbering about how he could have kept this first girlfriend secret from me to the point of calling her his “girlfriend.”

Avery broke into a smirk and said, “You know all those times I was staying after for chemistry help? Well we were meeting after school. She’s been my friend for years. Her hair’s pink, orange, and blue and she plays violin.”


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