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Old-fashioned apple pie for Thanksgiving

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In Praise of Leftovers

(Read caption) Old-fashioned apple pie.

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I’m a fan of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Except for pumpkin pie. Since this is a food blog, I won’t go into detail about my childhood experience of eating too much pumpkin pie. I can hardly think of a food I don’t like – I am the un-pickiest eater in the world. Pumpkin pie is a rare exception. I tried a bite a couple years ago to see if I was playing old tapes. Nope. 30 years later, those memories are still fresh.

None of us will be suffering with apple pie, though. I’ve been amused with all the Pie Fright lately. I even noticed a local class which is about the art of pie crust – several hours in a therapeutic setting helping people build confidence and face their Crust Trauma. Maybe this syndrome has never plagued me because I grew up watching my grandmothers, aunts, and mother make pies like they were making peanut butter sandwiches. Or maybe I escaped it because I’ve never been concerned about the perfect crust. Like I’ve said here before, one of my favorite mantras is Good enough is good enough.

Here are a couple apple pie tips and opinions that come to mind (I know – you’re surprised I have opinions. I’m so meek and mild-mannered normally):


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