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Kate Winslet stars in 'Labor Day' – film gets mixed reviews at Telluride Festival

Kate Winslet stars in the movie 'Labor Day,' which recently screened at the Telluride Film festival but split audiences. Kate Winslet will also star in the upcoming film 'Divergent.'


Kate Winslet stars in Jason Reitman's film 'Labor Day.'


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Speaking before the world premiere of his new film "Labor Day" at the Telluride Film Festival's opening screening, writer-director Jason Reitman felt inclined to point out that certain ironies shouldn't be lost.

"This is going to be a very tricky transition for you," he told the audience at a patrons-only showing Friday afternoon. "You're going to have to somehow step out of this beautiful town on Labor Day weekend, and walk into [a] beautiful town … on Labor Day weekend."

Actually, most of "Labor Day" doesn't take place in the New England town in question, but inside a home where a nervous divorcee played by Kate Winslet plays host — first unwillingly, then quite voluntarily — to Josh Brolin's escaped convict.


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