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Boy in balloon hoax: Jury is still out on the Heenes

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A video clip first shown on NBC shows only the first few seconds after the launch and does not show Falcon or include any mention of his whereabouts. This has furthered speculation that Thursday's incident was a hoax, though it's unclear why the Heenes would release their home video if it did not support their version of events.

'We did this for a show'

The controversy began after the Heene family appeared on "Larry King Live" Thursday night.

Mr. Heene asked son Falcon whether the boy had heard them calling for him after the balloon escaped from their backyard.

"You guys said that ...," Falcon began, before trailing off. After pausing for a second, he answered, "We did this for a show."

Responding to criticism

Mr. Heene maintained on NBC's "Today" show Friday morning that the balloon chase was "absolutely not" a publicity stunt.

So how does he explain his son's response?

"First of all, let's clarify. He's six," Mr. Heene said. "I don't know that he really understood the question he was being asked."

He further explained that after the family spoke to the press outside their home Thursday afternoon, Falcon showed reporters his hiding spot and how he'd climbed into the rafters of the garage.

"Somebody had asked him if he'd show them how he got in the attic, and he obliged them," Mr. Heene said. "One of the guys told him it was for some TV show. That's what he was referring to when he made that statement."

What would the Heenes have to gain?

Visibly upset when asked if it was all a publicity stunt, Mr. Heene responded Friday: "What have I got to gain out of this? I'm not selling anything. I'm not advertising anything." He described the balloon as a "minimalistic experiment" and said, "It's something the kids and I put can together and do as a family. It's not something that can be marketed. It's not even patentable."

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