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Obama on Trayvon Martin death: a time of 'soul-searching' for 'all of us' (+video)

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Zimmerman had contacted police about his suspicions. Tapes of the 911 conversations reveal that a police dispatcher had urged Zimmerman not to pursue the person. Still, after Trayvon's death, Zimmerman was not arrested, and police say they believed his claim that he shot in self-defense. Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee stepped down temporarily on Thursday after receiving a vote of no-confidence from the Sanford City Council.

Based on the report of an unidentified 16-year-old girl who was talking on the phone with Trayvon immediately before the incident, Trayvon first ran away from the watchman and then, as Zimmerman approached again, decided to just walk slowly away, until he was pushed.

Zimmerman told police he gave up chasing Trayvon, saying the teen attacked him as he was returning to his SUV. Zimmerman had a bloody nose, a cut on the back of his head, and grass on his shirt, according to the police incident report.

On several of the 911 calls, screams for help can be heard. Trayvon's parents say it's Trayvon's voice, but police have said they believe it was Zimmerman's.

Trayvon's parents and lawyers have called for Zimmerman's arrest, and over the past week thousands of Americans across the country have joined protests, some chanting, “I am Trayvon,” and carrying Skittles. This week, the FBI and the US Justice Department joined the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in reviewing the case and the decision not to charge Zimmerman.

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