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Obama girds for State of the Union address. His Republican opponents do too.

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It does seem as if a bipartisan breakthrough of sorts has occurred on immigration – no doubt prompted by the GOP’s miserable standing among Latino voters revealed in last November’s elections.

A path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children could be a first step, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R) of Virginia said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday.

“These are children, who due to no fault of their own, were brought here,” Rep. Cantor said. “We’ve got a place all of us can come together, and that is the kids.”

The imagery of children may play a role in gun control as well.

Recent shootings – especially at the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut – may (stress “may”) have cracked the NRA-led pro-gun wall against any new laws regarding the legal control of firearms. There seems the greater possibility these days of wider gun sale registration and limitations on magazine size – both of which are seen as reasonable and desirable by most Americans, according to the polls.

But administration and Democrats could have a harder sell on reducing the deficit and government debt – especially to the extent that Obama continues to emphasize the need for new revenues, including taxes.

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