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Christopher Dorner: Experts look for clues to alleged cop killer’s mental state (+video)

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Writing on CNN’s website, James Alan Fox, professor of criminology at Northeastern University in Boston, says Dorner’s rhetoric and actions are typical of mass murderers.

“Mass murderers tend to be middle-aged men who see themselves as victims of injustice,” Dr. Fox writes. “Although bitter, resentful and full of despair, they see others, often the former boss or supervisor, as the people who are to blame for their miserable existence. Indeed, the workplace is one of the more familiar venues for mass murder, going way back to the 1980s when ‘going postal’ became part of our everyday vernacular.”

In this case, Dorner’s “workplace” is the community where LAPD officers patrol, and the targets he warns of are those officers’ families. (The first of the three people he allegedly shot and killed was the adult daughter of a retired police captain he had known.)

Professor Fox sees the five people Dorner allegedly shot (two police officers survived) as an example of “murder by proxy.”

“Even when the primary targets are not readily available, others may be viewed as guilty – and may be assaulted – simply because of their association,” Fox writes. “Meanwhile, dozens more among the alleged gunman's hit list of enemies remain on edge and in hiding until it is safe to resurface.”

Until recent years, the LAPD had a longstanding reputation for corruption, racial profiling, and abuse – characteristics Dorner in his manifesto says remain today.

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