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Occupy Portland: Police move in on Portland park, some protesters remain

Police began moving in on a downtown park Sunday, where a few hundred Occupy Portland demonstrators have remained in defiance of an eviction order. In other cities, officials also are closing encampments.

Protester John Lonquist hauls garbage across the street while cleaning up camp in the Occupy Portland Camp in Portland, Ore., Sunday, Nov. 13. Under police order, many protesters and homeless people left, but some remain.

Don Ryan/AP

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Police began moving in on a downtown park Sunday, where a few hundred Occupy Portland demonstrators have remained in defiance of an eviction order.

Police on loudspeakers warned that anyone who resisted risks arrest and "may also be subject to chemical agents and impact weapons." Demonstrators chanted "we are a peaceful protest."

Mayor Sam Adams had ordered the camp shut down last night, citing unhealthy conditions and the encampment's attraction of drug users and thieves.

The anti-Wall Street protesters and their supporters had flooded a city park area in Portland early Sunday in defiance of an eviction order while authorities in other cities stepped up pressure against demonstrators, arresting dozens of people.

Crowds converged on two adjacent downtown Portland parks where protesters are camped after city officials set a midnight Saturday deadline to disperse. Hours later protesters remained, though the crowd had thinned and obeyed police orders to clear the street and take down two makeshift barricades. At one point overnight, the crowd swelled to thousands.

As dawn arrived, riot police had retreated and most of the crowds had gone home, but protesters who have been at the two parks since Oct. 6 were still there.

One of the organizers, Jim Oliver, said the night had been a victory for Occupy Portland.

"We stood up to state power," Oliver told The Associated Press, standing on a corner opposite the camp.

Still, the camp is a shadow of what it was before Saturday. A large segment of the campers consisted of homeless people who had been drawn to the free food and shelter offered by Occupy Portland. They are gone, after outreach workers went through the camp to help them find shelter elsewhere. And as the Saturday midnight eviction deadline neared, protesters themselves began dismantling tents.

Around 4 a.m., dozens of police formed a line across from demonstrators who had poured into the street. Protesters facing them appeared to be in festive spirits with some banging on drums and plastic pails, another clanging a cowbell while others danced in the streets as a man juggled nearby.

Other demonstrators used pallets and old furniture, wood debris and even a bicycle to set up two makeshift barricades on a street that runs through the encampment, apparently in an attempt to block traffic.


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