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How should Mitt Romney shift his campaign now?

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Steven Senne/AP

(Read caption) Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks in Milwaukee last Tuesday.

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Even some of the most anti-Romney Republicans seem to be accepting that Mitt Romney will be their party's nominee.

In the latest Associated Press poll of the GOP's unpledged superdelegates (who can support any candidate they choose at the August convention), Mr. Romney picked up 11 new endorsements over the previous month's poll.

(Of the 114 superdelegates polled, 35 say they support Romney, compared with four for Newt Gingrich, two for Rick Santorum, and one for Ron Paul. The rest are still publicly neutral.)

And Mr. Gingrich, who has scaled back his campaign, admitted on Fox News Sunday that Romney was likely to be the nominee and said that he'll support him at the convention, assuming he gets the 1,144 delegates he needs to sew up the nomination. He also said that Romney has “done a very good job of building a very substantial machine” that could defeat President Obama.


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