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Democrats' Election 2010 lament: we are being outspent 5 to 1

A disproportionate amount of the 'secret money' being contributed to political campaigns in Election 2010 is going to Republicans, says Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rep. Chris Van Hollen.

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Independent campaign groups allied with Republicans are giving five times as much money to GOP candidates as Democratic candidates are getting from groups that support their side

That is the assessment of Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The DCCC’s charge is to help elect Democratic House candidates.

Speaking at a Monitor-sponsored breakfast for reporters on Thursday, Van Hollen said, “The amount of money being spent by the Republican-allied groups and the special interests is huge. As of right now in House races, I believe it is at least about a five to one.”

The comparison included donations by labor unions that usually favor Democrats. “When I said it was at least a five to one, I was taking into account organizations like AFSCME, or SEIU,” Mr. Van Hollen said, referring to two major labor unions that are major Democratic Party boosters.

The DCCC Chair did not provide specific dollar figures for his claim and admitted the data on independent group giving is subject to change. “The figures change every day. We may see [an advertising] buy today or tomorrow that changes those numbers altogether. But the fact of the matter is you are seeing a huge amount of the secret money coming down on the Republican side,” Van Hollen said.


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